The idea of a college admissions consulting firm isn’t new. However, The Ivy Institute, an appropriately named firm, is revamping an old concept with individualized attention, academic coaching, one-on-one counseling, and even a little help from artificial intelligence.

Real Guidance From Real Ivy Scholars

One of the standout features of The Ivy Institute is the inclusion of real admission officers. Early in the consulting process, students are assigned to a counselor from one of the schools they’re most interested in. 

These counselors are former students or admissions officers from top-rated colleges, so they’re familiar with the very same admission processes The Ivy Institute students are preparing for. The expertise they offer is a valuable resource for applicants trying to stand out. As a representative of The Ivy Institute puts it, this diverse set of counselors helps them ensure students will thrive in their desired school by making sure they’re “aligned to the culture [and] environment expectations of that school.”

Success for All

Most college application assistance firms pride themselves on exclusivity, so it may come as a surprise that The Ivy Institute—currently the top-rated college admissions firm—doesn’t turn students away. 

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Instead, The Ivy Institute’s founder notes that they believe that “students of all ability levels and interests—if provided with the right support and network—can really embrace their strengths, skills, and what they can uniquely offer to a college.”

While The Ivy Institute acknowledges that “any student can get into any college” with the right fit of support, they also emphasize the importance of realistic expectations. The Ivy Institute’s former Ivy League admissions officers estimate a student’s likeliness of acceptance to each of their colleges. With this process, every student and family can make an informed decision when building their college list, and assess how much risk they are willing to take for certain colleges. 

Innovative Strategies Help Students Stand Out

How do you maximize your chances of getting into some of the nation’s top colleges? The Ivy Institute has found success with its App Identity™ College Strategy. The competitive college admissions world makes it hard to stand out, and top schools look for one-of-a-kind students. They aren’t likely to accept two students with the same profile.

The Ivy Institute counselors work one-on-one with students to cultivate their unique interests and get to know them personally. From there, they begin to craft that student’s App Identity™, a unique narrative that distinguishes them from the rest of the applicant pool. 

The Ivy Institute’s team of former Ivy League admissions officers is in charge of this process, and they have the industry know-how to help students get into the colleges of their dreams.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

The Ivy Institute benefits from the expert admissions counseling of former students and admissions officers. It also benefits from artificial intelligence. It’s the only college admissions firm to use Predictive Admissions Modeling to offer personalized college guidance. 

This admissions strategy uses computer modeling to predict which schools each student will most likely be accepted into. It uses a complex algorithm that considers each student’s strengths and weaknesses and the nation’s top colleges’ changing admission policies and guidelines.

The Ivy Institute team points out that one of the key benefits of this tool is that it allows staff members to make specific, informed recommendations to guide each student’s decisions and maximize their chances of college application success. He says, “It’s been a pretty effective tool for students and families … it’s been actually the most helpful [tool] for our students, just starting to see that long-term planning.” 

The Predictive Admissions Modeling tool is only one of the reasons why The Ivy Institute has the top university acceptance rates in the industry.

For More Students Than Ever, the Future Is Bright

At one point in time, college admissions consulting firms flew under the radar, only benefiting a select few. The Ivy Institute is breaking barriers and making headlines by bringing tailored application support to the mainstream. With The Ivy Institute’s help, any student with college dreams has a chance of achieving them.

Written in partnership with Tom White.