Amer Abu Shakra started in the remodeling and home service industry at just seventeen in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At this time, he worked under the contractor Michael Holley, who Abu Shakra claimed combined genuine business skills like hiring, marketing, and managing, allowing him to be the best in his field. However, when Holley and his company decided to move across the country, he left Abu Shakra with one piece of advice: to start his own company under the guidance of the Student Works Management Program.

By using the Student Works Management Program and the support he gained from working with Holley, Abu Shakra grew a business and managed eight full-time employees with a foreman in one summer. He said that by the following summer, he was able to recruit a sales rep, a foreman to run all six of his job sites, and six crews of decent employees, all while protecting his personal and family life. However, it would only be when he ran into a man named Patrick Lalonde during a white-water rafting vacation that they struck up a business arrangement and founded

At, they help you find people who are willing and eager to work at your company so you can hire the right person you can trust with your reputation. A bad hire can cost you money, Abu Shakra says, and to limit your chances of hiring the wrong people, you can move forward with the right person and improve your chances for business success in the process. doesn’t just help manage the hiring process, however. It enables you to organize your leading employees so they require only a few hours of your time a week to manage. By using their service, gives you the ready-to-use, out-of-the-box methods from their contracting businesses that you can use on your own.

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The reviews from’s clients speak for themselves. One client, Jonathan, of DDE Construction Ltd., went on a month-long vacation and had his employees take care of everything on his job sites while he was away. Another, Jose, of North Indy Pro Painters, was assisted by in jumpstarting his business and claimed that and the call he had with them were “life-changing.”

The clients who work with come from all walks of life. They are bathroom renovators, painters, abatement and remediation specialists, electrical workers, general contractors, and remodelers, but all of them have similar stories with one common root in their business process: By making use of their services and the wealth of experience both Amer Abu Shakra and Patrick Lalonde have to offer, you can work to take your business to the next level.

Most people know that having the right people and the right tools helps get the job done. By using, you not only have the chance to iron out the kinks in your business but also find the right people to work with you in the process. Their motto is “work less with your back, and more with your brain,” and with their help, they feel they can make your business succeed.