Maty’s, a standout Peruvian restaurant in the heart of Miami’s Midtown, has been named one of the best restaurants in the United States by Food & Wine magazine. Securing the 15th spot on the 2024 list of “Global Tastemakers Best Restaurants in the U.S.,” Maty’s has swiftly risen to prominence since its opening in 2023. The restaurant’s distinction is further underscored by its multiple accolades, demonstrating its significant impact on the culinary landscape.

Chef Valerie Chang, the visionary behind Maty’s, has received acclaim for her innovative approach to Peruvian cuisine. Food & Wine’s recognition is largely attributed to Chang’s culinary excellence, inspired by her grandmother’s traditional cooking. The magazine enthusiastically notes, “Finding Latin food in Miami isn’t particularly difficult. But what chef Valerie Chang is doing with Peruvian cuisine in Midtown is truly one-of-a-kind largely because the food here is inspired by her grandmother’s cooking. (The restaurant is named after her!).” This personal touch has set Maty’s apart, offering a unique dining experience that honors familial culinary traditions.

The menu at Maty’s is a testament to Chang’s skill and creativity. Per the Food & Wines, Maty’s standout dishes, such as grilled grouper tail on beurre blanc, lomo saltado with tender oxtail, and an innovative tuna taradito are just some of the few Ms. Chang can whip up effortlessly. These offerings not only showcase Chang’s adeptness at blending traditional flavors with contemporary techniques but also her commitment to quality and authenticity. Other Maty’s classics include chicken milanesa, ají amarillo leche de tigre, and ají amarillo beurre blanc.

Chang’s achievements have been widely recognized within the culinary community. Following her designation as one of Food & Wine’s “Best New Chefs of 2023,” Bon Appétit included Maty’s on its list of the nation’s best new restaurants, marking it the only Florida establishment to earn this honor. The New York Times further solidified Maty’s reputation by featuring it on its “Restaurant List.”

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Reflecting on the restaurant’s success, Chang expressed pride in her team’s efforts. “I’m extremely proud of my team, as we’ve worked tremendously hard to shape the restaurant into what it is today,” Chang shared with Miami New Times in 2023. Her vision for Maty’s was clear from the beginning: to offer a neighborhood destination where guests could enjoy traditional Peruvian cooking, focusing on generous portions and meat-centric dishes. Her accolades prove she’s succeeded and exceeded her goals, and that’s not just the opinion of a few fans of Peruvian food.

The process for selecting Food & Wine’s 2024 Global Tastemakers involved a comprehensive review by a panel of judges. They evaluated nominees from a diverse range of categories, including restaurants, bars, bakeries, markets, cities, hotels, airports, airlines, and cruises. The nominations came from food and travel journalists worldwide, ensuring a broad perspective on the culinary world.

Maty’s recognition on such a prestigious list is not only a milestone for the restaurant but also a significant achievement for Chef Valerie Chang. Through her innovative approach to Peruvian cuisine, Chang has created a memorable dining experience that resonates with locals and visitors alike. As Maty’s continues to garner national attention, it reaffirms Miami’s status as a dynamic culinary hub, rich in culture and flavor.