Guitarist and singer-songwriter Daniel Milewski moved to Miami in 2005. However, back then, his goal was something much different than playing music.

With his sites initially set on entering the world of visual artistry, Milewski says “I studied at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston — I met my wife who grew up in Kendall there,” he spoke in a recent interview. Milewski added, “After we graduated in 2005, we moved to Miami.”

During his first ten years in the coastal city, the musician spent the majority of his time working on his painting and running the Wynwood local hangout Lester’s. Nevertheless, it was in 2014 when an enormous life change grabbed him by the reins and led him to pick up the guitar, ultimately taking his songwriting to a new level.

“I became the father of two sons. I struggled to find time to work on my art, but I started playing guitar when they napped,” Milewski explains. “I found myself writing songs on an acoustic guitar that could stay quiet enough they could sleep through it.”

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This newfound method of songwriting culminated in Milewski finding himself drawn to folky, old-time country, and Americana styles of music. However, he points out, “But I also have rock influences like the Replacements and Big Star. Of course, unequivocal proof of his rock influences sits in his catalog in the form of songs like his original honky-tonk rendition of The Strokes’ “Last Nite.”

Although he loves the city of Miami, Milewski says that finding people around the area who share his musical tastes can be difficult. “The scene is small for songwriters of those genres… Miami has allowed me a lot of great opportunities, but it doesn’t have that big scene. But when you find people doing the same thing, it makes it easy to get close to them.”

While recording his latest release, a 7-inch single featuring the songs “Waiting” and “Goodtimes,” Milewski formed a relationship with an unlikely trio. The singer seems to channel his inner Bruce Springsteen on both tracks while utilizing local garage rock band the Jacuzzi Boys behind him.

“I’ve known the Jacuzzi Boys for years. We’ve always been friends,” Milewski regales. “At one point last year, I asked if they would do a couple of songs with me. We rehearsed a bit. I had four songs, and we ended up recording two at Ryan Haft’s Sunburn Sound in Wynwood.”

Milewski says he wrote the songs with the Jacuzzi Boys style in mind and adds, “I thought of their sound.” Of course, as Milewski notes, “Songwriting is peculiar. Sometimes you have a clear topic you want to write about; Sometimes you find a chord progression or melody and go with it.”

Speaking on “Waiting,” Milewski says he was inspired by empathy for friends who were in the throes of dealing with difficult breakups. He explains, “They were waiting on their partner… I thought the tempo and feel went well with a rock band,” especially just after the four-minute mark when this sound takes an unexpected turn.

As for “Goodtimes,” however, the song was intended to carry an upbeat sound contrasted by a gloomy message. “It sounds like a relationship song, but it was inspired by thinking about the different things happening in the world.” Milewski continues, “As I’m getting older, I’m thinking, where did all the good times go? There’s a feeling of helplessness that we can’t do anything to change the vibe.”

Both “Waiting” and “Goodtimes” can be heard along with other new songs at the record release party on Saturday, June 1, at Technique Records.