From December 6th to the 10th, The Art Lounge offered an exciting array of experiences to Art Basel. Located at the Surfcomber Hotel, theART-Dept. collaborated with Pavan Bahl & Uzo Udu from NRVLD, to bring a week of creative festivities to Miami. Visionary founders of theART-Dept, Keith Botha and Greg Bean, brought a unique artistic journey to the city.


The Surfcomber Hotel was reenvisioned into a vibrant art lounge, featuring installations, brand activations, live paintings, and unconventional art experiences that challenge the norm. In collaboration with local luminary Mira From Miami, theART-Dept. showcased the talents of over 25 artists, hosting more than 15 art activations with contributions from renowned brands like Barry’s, Baileys, Therabody, Startag, and Playground also at The Surfcomber.

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Mira from Miami

Emphasizing community participation, co-founder Keith Botha stated, “The event encouraged attendees to showcase their creativity on multiple walls, embracing the vibrant atmosphere.”  Featured artists included Lauren Altman, Adam Vlux, Mary Lai, Jenny Chandler, Amy Smith, Luther, and Bijan Machen. Creators with interactive and live experiences included Sheila Darcey’s “Sketchpoetic” with daily art readings and flow state creations, as well as live performances and art activations by Z HOVAK, Pink Dog, Alex Alpert, MR Motion, Meta Betties, Mira, J.O. Jerusalem, and Kavi.

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Pink Dog
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Lauren Altman

Lauren Altman invited guests into her “weird and wonderful world,” where old clothes, paint, beads, and compost come together, reminding viewers of the uniqueness of the world. Sheila Darcey’s Garden of Healing served as a sanctuary, transformed art into a healing force, and guided viewers through a journey of introspection and renewal.

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Sheila Darcey

Guests also had the opportunity to experience captivating live artistry with Mira and Startag, blending live art, artsy disk golf, and body art to create a fusion of starlight and imagination. Additionally, Meta Betties presented “Labor Of Materiality,” addressing Reproductive Rights and the autonomy of female-identifying bodies in a profound live performance that urges spectators to catalyze change. Viewers engaged in an interactive challenge by scanning QR codes that led to the Meta Betties Action Center. In this piece, people were urged to sign The Women’s Protection Act of 2023! 

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Meta Betties 

As the designated art and experience curators, theART-Dept. and NRVLD welcomed the Miami community to participate in this exceptional celebration of art, culture, and well-being at the Surfcomber Hotel. The Art of Wellness activations offered moments of reprieve, creating an inclusive community for guests to focus on mental and physical health through wellness sessions, meditation, fitness, art, and dance. Art of Wellness provided a balanced approach to Art Basel Miami Beach.

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Keith Botha (left), Greg Bean (right) 


NRVLD’s The Art of Wellness activations offer moments of reprieve for guests during the fast-paced week of Art Basel Miami Beach. Art Of Wellness creates an inclusive community for guests to focus on their mental and physical health by participating in an array of wellness sessions. From meditation to fitness, art to dance, Art of Wellness is your community space to gather and enjoy a balanced approach to Art Basel Miami Beach (partner program)


Founded by Greg Bean and Keith Botha, theART-Dept. is a three-story creative space operating near the nucleus of LA’s famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. The space also functions as a creative advisory platform capable of remote curation and pop-ups, as well as an online, simplified, direct-to-consumer sales platform. In addition, theART-Dept. is also a Web 3.0 collective featuring over 15 artists.

Written in partnership with Tom White.