From car owners relocating across states to dealerships managing large inventories, the demand for reliable auto transport services is ever-present. However, within this space, customers often face challenges in selecting a trustworthy transporter – particularly one specialized in luxury and exotic automobiles.

The stakes are high and the margin for error is minimal, leading people to seek only those providers who possess the necessary expertise and commitment to quality. 

With decades of experience in the industry, Steve Yariv, founder of the Florida-based Dealers Choice Auto Transport (DCAT), has had a front-row view of the auto transport challenges. Speaking to Yariv about the industry’s pain points, he highlights they’re much more complicated than they appear and that they’ve changed or intensified with each decade.

Currently, one of the most pressing issues is the shortage of qualified drivers. However, dig deeper and you’ll find a plethora of red flags in the realm of customer interactions and satisfaction.


#1: Exotic Car Familiarity

One of the most concerning ‘red flags’ Yariv has noticed pertains to reliability. More precisely, he warns about instances of a lack of familiarity within the luxury and exotic vehicle space. Transporting high-value automobiles is undeniably not a task for the uninitiated, demanding a level of understanding that transcends general industry knowledge.

One would think customers can expect this level of quality from the majority of providers, but Yariv reveals that this isn’t always the case. “Very often, you’ll speak to a representative and they don’t even know what type of car you’re referring to. That’s a red flag already because it indicates they’ve likely never moved such a car before.”

Yet, familiarity with high-end vehicles’ specific make and model is crucial. Conversely, Yariv and his team at DCAT have specialized in luxury automobile transport. Recognizing the pain points and the critical need for trustworthy service, they ensure they’re well-acquainted with the unique needs of their discerning clientele. What’s more, with 50-state coverage, they’ve been providing a service that’s as meticulous as it is efficient.

#2: Inadequate Insurance Coverage

Another major red flag customers should be aware of is misleading insurance claims. Yariv reveals that many companies make grand claims about their coverage, only to leave customers in the lurch when the need arises.

“Many auto transport providers claim to have insurance, but in reality, their policies are mere ink on paper. These so-called ‘peril’ policies are riddled with exceptions and they’ll find a million reasons why they won’t cover certain situations,” he says.

He goes on to describe a common scenario: a driver unloads a car and drives it a short distance into a dealership. Many policies wouldn’t offer coverage if an incident were to occur during this short drive, leaving transporters liable for damages.

This is where DCAT stands apart the most, by providing fully insured services. This includes a secondary policy, too – an added layer of protection that underscores DCAT’s commitment to the safety and satisfaction of its drivers and customers, reinforcing its reputation as a trustworthy auto transport provider.

#3: Transactional focus

A third red flag that Yariv brings to light is the transactional focus of many auto transport companies. As he points out, these companies often prioritize upfront payments over the quality of service.


This can result in a subpar experience, where the care and safety of the vehicle take a backseat to monetary transactions.

Contrarily, DCAT adopts a customer-oriented approach that focuses on car pick-up and delivery, maintaining open communication from start to finish, and offering GPS tracking for peace of mind.

Shedding more light on DCAT’s one-on-one personalized offer, Yariv elaborates, “Whoever answers your call will be in charge of your transaction from start to finish. This includes the quote, the order processing, driver tracking, confirming timings, and generally keeping you updated throughout the process,” he says. “And, if you’re a transactional customer, you can track the driver yourself using a GPS link, which isn’t something many companies offer.”

The ripple effect of DCAT’s comprehensive approach can’t be ignored. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, efficient vehicle delivery and transparent practices, DCAT has raised the bar across the board. Looking ahead, its team seeks to raise it even further – essentially, lead by example and aspire to effect positive change in the industry as a whole.

As Yariv reiterates, “We believe that by setting high standards and maintaining integrity in our practices, we can inspire others to do the same and lead toward an even more prosperous and customer-centric model in auto transport.”