For over 30 years, South Florida spirits industry executive Julious Grant has spearheaded brand launches and major campaigns for some of the biggest companies in the category. Holding executive leadership positions with Moët Hennessy, Beam Suntory and Bacardi to name a few, Grant developed a masterful eye for consumer preferences, paving the way for his own entrepreneurial venture. Since its inception in 2021, and as founder and Chairman/CEO of the Brand House Group, Grant has been introducing the U.S. to a range of innovative artisanal spirits, a realization of his long-held creative aspirations.

Grant’s portfolio of brands is making waves in Miami’s renowned restaurants and venues, showcasing the possibilities of when innovation meets authenticity in the world of spirits. One standout example is O’RTE Single Estate Tequila, the most recent addition to the Brand House Group’s offerings. O’RTE draws its essence from individual family estates in Jalisco, Mexico, capturing the unique terroir of each estate. It’s a soulful reflection of Grant’s half Mexican heritage, and its authentic production process sets it apart in a market where additives are the norm.

O’RTE Reposado, one of the portfolio’s expressions, has been gaining notoriety by earning accolades in blind tastings and garnering praise of owners and patrons alike at South Beach restaurants. Grant remarks, “O’RTE holds a special place in my heart. Launching the Brand House Group was about giving a modern twist to classic spirits, and O’RTE exemplifies this vision.”

Crossing the globe, Grant’s appreciation for Japanese spirits craftsmanship blossomed during his years as Chief Commercial Officer in the US for Beam Suntory, where he spent countless hours on the ground in Japan learning the spirits landscape and immersing himself in the culture. As a result, Brand House Group’s ICONIC Spirits award-winning portfolio has become widely touted for bringing to the US a host of unique Japanese spirits featuring rare ingredients and produced using age-old distillation methods. 

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AWAYUKI Japanese Strawberry Gin, an award-winning gin produced using some of the rarest strawberries from Japan’s Nara prefecture, is not only a mainstay at Miami’s top restaurants and nightlife venues, it’s also becoming widely recognized as one of the most requested new spirits at venues across the US. TEITESSA, a celebrated line of single-grain whiskies aged between 15 and 30 years, is also becoming one of the most sought-after Japanese whiskies in the country on the heels of a Gold Medal in the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Crafted from Japan’s finest rice variety, Koshihikari, TEITESSA undergoes traditional Japanese distillation techniques in the distinctive and time-honored Sato still, delivering a harmonious fusion of mild sweetness and a delightful, enduring fruity finish, showcasing the distinctive taste of Japanese whisky.

According to Grant, “Japan has so much to offer when it comes to unique ingredients and production practices. Our Japanese portfolio showcases these distinct qualities in the form of five brands that stand out for their authenticity, unique flavor profiles and craftsmanship. It’s an honor to see our Japanese spirits gaining recognition not just in South Florida but nationally, as they reflect the true essence of our mission—to bring the world’s finest spirits to the hearts and glasses of discerning connoisseurs here in the States.” 

Another highlight in Grant’s ICONIC Spirits portfolio is HAIKEN Japanese Handcrafted Vodka. With its Original and fruit-infused Lychee and Yuzu expressions, HAIKEN introduces Miami-based vodka lovers to a narrative of Japanese tradition and modernity. Known for its impeccable quality and distinctive flavors, HAIKEN has quickly become a favorite in Miami’s cocktail scene, setting a new standard for premium vodka.

Rounding out the collection is Shunka Shuto blended whiskies and BIKOKO pure malt Japanese whisky. From the light, mildly sweet notes with biscuit undertones to the rich, malty flavors with hints of caramel, Shunka Shuto presents a whisky quartet inspired by Japan’s four vibrant seasons. BIKOKU offers an exceptional pure malt Japanese whisky crafted using water sourced from an underground aquifer fed by the pristine snowmelt of Mt. Fuji. Also available in 8 and 12-year expressions, BIKOKU boasts impressively refined profiles characterized by rich nutty, vanilla, and spicy flavors, enhanced by the malt and fruity aromas developed during its time in the barrel. 

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Grant’s first and highly successful South Florida launch was OMAGE California artisanal brandy. This super-premium spirit pays homage to classic French cognac but is produced in California with a unique blend of grape varietals and advanced distillation techniques. OMAGE’s aging process includes the use of charred American bourbon and toasted French oak barrels, resulting in a refined, yet super approachable premium brandy available in three expressions, VS, VSOP and XO. 

“South Florida residents are gravitating to our portfolio in a big way because there is something for everyone within our product range,” adds Grant. “Even if you’re not a traditional tequila, whisky, gin or brandy consumer, our flavor profiles and overall quality will make you a fan. That’s a promise.” 

As Miami embraces these exceptional offerings, it’s clear that Julious Grant and the Brand House Group’s spirits are delivering enthusiasts something entirely unique, but supremely satisfying. They’re a journey of cultures, tradition, and modernity. The discerning palates of Miamians have found a visionary in Julious Grant, and the city’s spirits landscape is all the richer for it.