After witnessing a dire need for luxury vehicle services in his adopted hometown of Tampa Bay, Energetic Exotics co-founders Marlon Wentworth and his wife Jessica created a company designed to address these deficiencies. 

Wentworth, a former logistics distribution manager and Miami native grew accustomed to seeing high-end vehicles on the streets of his hometown. However, upon relocating to Tampa Bay with Jessica, he was astonished to learn how badly the city lacked luxury service entities. 

To remedy these glaring shortages, the couple devoted their time, money, and effort to establishing Energetic Exotics, a leader in the luxury services industry. Marlon and Jessica invested most of their retirement funds to purchase a Mercedes-Maybach. They then used the vehicle to offer their customers rental and chauffeur options. 

The pair parlayed this initial success into the lofty goal of making their company an affordable luxury services establishment capable of providing impeccable assistance and creating lasting and memorable client experiences. As their company grew, the Wentworths continued adding cars to their fleet and expanding the level of professional favors provided. 


Energetic Exotics Today

Today, the company stands out as a leading provider of rental and chauffeur services. 

The Energetic Exotics website allows clients to choose from a fleet of 20 cars, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Rolls-Royces, Mercedes, Corvettes, Land Rovers, and Jeeps. The company maintains a presence and a fleet in Miami as well.   

Contracts exist for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. The company also offers chauffeur services for signature events such as weddings, security, graduations, film production, proms, homecoming dances, and even for your daily transportation.  

Energetic Exotic’s luxury services also extend far beyond just vehicles. If you desire a lavish vacation, the company offers relaxing excursion retreats at some of the most grandiose destinations in the Tampa Bay region and across Florida. Private jet rental is available if you wish to travel in style and avoid the hassles of busy and stressful airports. Moreover, Energetic Exotics extends to yacht rentals. 

Staying True to their Mission While Planning for the Future

Despite their remarkable achievements, Marlon and Jessica still maintain major future goals. One day, they envision their company becoming a global force in the luxury services landscape. 

“Our dream is to take our brand worldwide, starting from Florida and expanding state by state,” he said. “We are not just providing luxury; we are creating lifestyles, and that’s why we are the future of this industry.” 

Thus far, the couple currently holds offices in Tampa Bay and Miami. 

Marlon thinks Energetic Exotics accomplished such admirable aims because its owners acted in ways with which other budding corporate executives sometimes express hesitancy. First, he stresses the importance of resiliency when experiencing the normal struggles and challenges a budding company often encounters in its early days. 

Furthermore, Marlon emphasizes the crucial nature of risk-taking. He and Jessica laid absolutely everything they owned on the line. “We believed in ourselves and our vision, risking everything to make it a reality,” he said. “Instead of following the conventional path, we forged strategic partnerships with hotels, Airbnbs, and luxury yachts, embodying the full spectrum of the luxury experience.” 

Making Luxury Rides Accessible 

Energetic Exotics is quickly transforming into a major luxury service force. The owners, husband and wife Marlon and Jessica Wentworth, pride themselves on being out-of-the-box thinkers possessing the foresight, vision, and undying commitment to creating memorable customer experiences, to take the industry where few others have gone before.  

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Written in partnership with Tom White.