For those who have visited Dallas or Austin, Texas, you have most likely heard about or even tried the popular funky Tex-Mex restaurant Velvet Taco, especially if you’ve found yourself out late at night and feeling hungry. For the Floridians who have not had the pleasure of dining at the restaurant, You will be pleased to know that a Velvet Taco is set to open in the Miami area.

Originally founded in 2011, the Tex-Mex restaurant is most widely known for its cutting-edge combinations that draw inspiration from areas all across the world, such as its Indian-inspired spicy tikka chicken tacos, which are assembled with chicken tenders, spicy tikka sauce, Thai basil, raita crema, and buttered cilantro basmati rice.

Creations like the unique Indian-inspired taco have played a role over the years in helping the restaurant establish itself across the nation. Now, Miami residents will finally have the chance to sample Velvet Taco’s distinct tacos, cheesy dips, and renowned margaritas.

The next Velvet Taco installment is reportedly set to open sometime in June 2024 in Wynwood. The restaurant will be located across from Bakan at 2820 NW Second Avenue.

At all of its current locations, Velvet Taco is well-known for staying open late (closing at 2:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays), and guests at the new Wynwood location can expect the same. Additionally, patrons can look forward to all the fan-favorite sides, such as the signature queso blanco made with chimichurri, Velvet Taco heat sauce, and cilantro, as well as a red curry coconut queso dip topped with pickled onions, queso fresco, and Thai basil.

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Of course, for the over-21 crowd, Velvet Taco has been known as a place with fun, premium boozy concoctions. The new location will also be bringing such indulgences, including their famous “Kick-Ass Margarita,” which is made with Lunazul premium blanco tequila, agave nectar, orange liqueur, and lime juice. The beverage menu will also include Velvet Taco’s “Sangrita,” which combines the recently described “Kick-Ass Margarita” with delicious boozy pineapples, apples, and a signature red wine blend.

Aside from mentioning the extensive menu and its unique, unparalleled food combinations and distinct, flavorful alcoholic beverages, a report on Velvet Taco would not be complete without delving a bit into its history.

For instance, you may be wondering where the popular restaurant got its iconic name. Simply put, it was chosen after a favored menu item, their red velvet cake, which you would be hard-pressed to find at your average taco restaurant. The red velvet cake served at Velvet Taco is made with house-made red velvet cake, a delectable cream cheese frosting, and their cajeta drizzle.

Although today, Velvet Taco has officially opened more than 40 locations across the states of Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Florida, the restaurant already had a presence in the Sunshine State. Its first Florida location was opened in Fort Lauderdale in 2023. And now, Floridians can look forward to another establishment in Wynwood.