Miami Heat fans have had to adapt to several name changes to the haven of their beloved basketball team in the last three months. Finally, however, they’ll have a new permanent name for their home. The Miami-Dade County Commissioners recently voted to rename the Miami-Dade Arena, which has been called several names since its opening in 1999, to the Kaseya Center.

The Kaseya Center results from a 17-year, $117.37 million lease agreement with Kaseya, a global software company that offers IT management, cloud monitoring, services administration, access management, and other services. Kaseya relocated its headquarters to Miami and has since demonstrated a measurable commitment to investing in the city’s thriving economy.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava expressed her pride in closing the deal with a locally-based company for the first time in the arena’s history. She highlighted that the partnership would allow continued investment in critical crime prevention programs while also establishing the brand of the community as a global, diverse, and future-ready one.

The Kaseya Center’s name change is significant, as it marks the beginning of a new era for the arena. Before the FTX deal, the building had been referred to as American Airlines Arena since its opening in 1999. The airline giant, which has a hub in Miami, announced in 2019 that it would not renew its deal past the January 1, 2020 expiration date. The airline’s name remained on the building until 2021, when FTX filed for bankruptcy, and the county terminated its agreement.

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Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola expressed his excitement at the new partnership, saying the company is proud to showcase Kaseya globally as synonymous with Miami. In addition, the collaboration with the Miami Heat further fulfills the company’s promise to improve the city’s economic standing while building up its workforce. 

For example, with 48,000 customers worldwide and approximately 4,500 employees, Kaseya is now pledging to add over 3,000 new positions within the next few years. In addition, the renaming of the arena to the Kaseya Center aims to foster progress for the city of Miami. The hope is that this deal will inspire other companies to invest in the city’s residents. 

Meanwhile, Commissioner Keon Hardemon emphasized the significance of the partnership in funding the Peace and Prosperity Plan, which provides at-risk children with meaningful experiences and opportunities to explore various career paths. The plan was originally part of FTX’s agreement with the county to create a program for its naming rights deal.

The Kaseya Center’s name change comes when the arena’s impact on the community is growing and more essential than ever. The arena is one of the most iconic venues globally, and its new name aims to be a beacon of optimism and confidence for Miami. 

As the home of the Miami Heat, the Kaseya Center is not just a basketball arena; it’s a symbol of community and progress for the city. The Kaseya Center’s name change highlights the importance of local partnerships and investments in the community, especially in times of uncertainty and change.