Artist and mastermind Ximena Caminos has set her sights on adding to the glorious beauty of Miami Beach in a unique way that even Mother Nature could not predict. As opposed to a sculpture on the sands or a mural on a nearby structure, Caminos looks forward to her latest project that will showcase beneath the ocean’s surface. On the venture, Caminos said, “This is the most important and interesting work I have ever done.”

Starting in South Beach and running a seven-mile underwater stretch along the Miami Beach shoreline, Caminos’ innovative project, The Reefline, will be an interactive public sculpture park and artificial reef. The incredibly elaborate development is a virtuoso combination of art and biology, which will incorporate the efforts of numerous artists. Caminos said, “It starts north of Fourth (Street), and these are basically modules which are sculptures. Each one of them is designed by an amazing artist.”

The project is for more than aesthetics, as the sculptures are being constructed with environmentally friendly materials to build an artificial reef to help restore other natural reefs that have long eroded. Caminos added, “So, giving fish public housing and protecting our fragile marine ecosystems.” Several artists involved in the plan created various modules for the reef. Some modules include a slew of starfish, an enormous whale heart, and a 20-car pile-up that would showcase realistic sculptures the size of actual cars that visitors, vacation-goers, and locals could swim through.

Caminos said, “So, the idea is to star-stud The Reefline. And what we want to do, kind of like the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, where people put their hands and their names in the stars, we want to use these stars to create, you know, a pattern edge for the ocean, so you can actually sponsor a star, which is something beautiful.” Despite devoting her entire life to the creative arts, Caminos has said that this project holds an extra-special spot dear to her heart, highlighting the idea that she longed to use her creativity in a way that benefits nature. Caminos’ goal with masterminding the project is to create something breathtakingly beautiful while preserving the serenity and exquisiteness initially sculpted by Mother Nature.  

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Speaking on the desire and inspiration behind the development, Caminos said, “I think we will lead by example by showing how we can all come together and be collaborative [and] creative, and we can think of out-of-the-box solutions to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.” The Reefline project is possible due to collaborative efforts with the City Of Miami Beach. The leaders at the heart of the development are continuing to raise funds to complete The Reefline as swiftly as possible. Those interested in lending support and wishing to donate to the project can do so on Give Miami Day, which takes place on Thursday, November 16.

For further details about The Reefline and how you can contribute, inquirers can visit today. Spring 2024 is the plan for the project’s first installment.