Charitable organization EyeCare4Kids and Worldwide Holdings Investment Group are partnering to bring professional eye care to even more underprivileged children. EyeCare4Kids’ clinics in Utah, Nevada, New Jersey, and Arizona already provide eye care to low-income, visually impaired children and underserved families. With the new funding granted by Worldwide Holdings Investment Group, EyeCare4Kids will work toward the organization’s goal of having a clinic in every major city in the United States, like Miami

Founded in 2001 by Joseph Carbone, a doctor who left his private practice to start the organization, EyeCare4Kids has helped 400,000 children to date access vision screenings and glasses. “Glasses have an immediate and positive impact on children with correctable vision problems and will help their performance in school, as well as increase their confidence,” said Carbone. The organization has estimated that ten million children in underserved areas need vision services. “Our goal is to have a vision clinic in every major city across the United States and a mobile clinic in each state for our Rural Outreach Program,” Carbone added.

The partnership with Worldwide Holdings Investment Group will contribute directly to EyeCare4Kids’ ability to reach this goal. The business development company specializes in building and scaling companies around the world and has been protecting businesses and their assets for the past thirty years. Since 2013, Worldwide Holdings LLC has been focused on discovering innovative technologies and identifying quality companies on the cusp of growth. In addition, the group’s “9 Keys For Life” have guided them to support charitable efforts. These nine values are Food & Water Systems, Housing & Development, Education, Arts & Entertainment, Medical & Nutrition, Communications & Transportation, Technology & Manufacturing, Finance & Trade, Energy & Mining, and Environment & Humanitarian.

In alignment with the “9 Keys For Life,” the chairman at Worldwide Holdings Investment Group Lamar Jensen was excited to announce the partnership with EyeCare4Kids. “Making a difference, helping kids right now. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?” he said. “We’re lifting up the disadvantaged and the vulnerable and that’s why we’re truly excited. WWH is announcing their financial partnership to help kids here in the U.S., as well as Africa, Asia, and the Far East through the work done by EyeCare4Kids.”

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In conjunction with their efforts in the United States, EyeCare4Kids also impacts children around the world through humanitarian trips. Carbone was named Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016 by Ernst & Young for leading trips to Laos, Rwanda, Kenya, South America, and Central America. Using mobile clinics, Carbone and his team were able to aid children in all of these countries. The partnership with Worldwide Holdings Investment Group will help fund more mobile clinics and global efforts. WWH’s current charitable work extends to 135 countries, and the company will help EyeCareForKids reach even more nations.

Jensen summed up both parties’ enthusiasm for the partnership saying, “Helping kids build confidence for their futures. It’s exciting to be able to say, ‘We do that!'” EyeCare4Kids will gain the ability to reach many more children who require professional eyecare, while Worldwide Holdings LLC branches out into a new type of philanthropy. The partnership is mutually beneficial and will aid an entire generation of children to excel and gain confidence through providing adequate eye care. 

Written in partnership with Tom White.