The epicenter of gastronomy and a patron of fine art, the acclaimed El Cielo Restaurant continues to hold Miami’s heart. As Art Basel Miami Beach – the distinguished international art event – gears up for its 21st edition, excitement is in the air. Amidst this festive fervor, El Cielo holds a coveted spotlight and is invariably the yummiest talk of the town. This restaurant’s name, a delightful Spanish murmur translating to ‘The Sky,’ is synonymous with paradise, particularly for those who treasure Michelin star-level dining.

Year-round, El Cielo witnesses an inundation of esteemed guests, whether in the illustrious expanse of Brickell or the newly-launched realm in SLS Hotel South Beach. Yet, during Art Basel, the establishment transforms into a magnetic hub enticing global celebrities, seasoned artists, and connoisseurs of refined taste. The illustrious Art Basel event draws hordes of people transcending the realm of art to the sphere of culture, creativity, innovation, and sophistication. El Cielo, with its convent of culinary splendors, has, over the years, become an integral part of this grand Art Basel saga.

True to its name, El Cielo offers guests heavenly culinary journeys. Known fondly among patrons as the ‘Choco-therapy restaurant’ owing to its innovative dessert course, it offers much more beyond this. The sheer gastronomical drama leaves patrons mesmerized – a cloud emerging magically over the diner’s table, in sync with the coffee serving, inspired by the essence of El Cielo.

Beyond these is the legendary ‘Tree of Life’ that the establishment is known for, crafted from cassava, cheese, and basil, epitomizing Colombian heritage with a captivating twist. The restaurant blends art, science, and gastronomy, making it a wonderland for those intrepid spirits who seek innovation and enjoy charting the exploratory route.

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Defying concerns and criticisms, this Miami culinary marvel never fails to meet and exceed expectations. It harmoniously blends a unique spectrum of food, art, and taste, surprising and enthralling its diners incessantly. Its creator, talented and visionary Chef Juanma, underlines this spirit beautifully, “The week of Art Basel Miami is the best time of the year; the people, the food scene, the art and the parties make it the place to be!”

Chef Juanma (Juan Manuel Barrientos Valencia) has etched his legacy in more ways than one. Not only has he raised El Cielo to international acclaim and redefined culinary art at the young age of just 23, but his Colombian roots and travels worldwide have infused his creations with unparalleled diversity. A passionate peace leader, he’s contributed extensively to social causes via the El Cielo Foundation, aiming at advancing peace through cooking.

During the Art Basel, one cannot resist the allure of this restaurant. It’s reminiscent of an extraordinary food gallery, where Chef Juanma’s delectable elements beautifully pair with international art and the city’s curatorial focus, further enhancing Miami’s art scene. 

El Cielo is not just a hub of delicious creativity; it mirrors the effervescent spirit of Art Basel Miami Beach, rendering an unmatched gastronomic symphony that continues to delight diners worldwide. The restaurant continues to evolve and amaze, much like the essence of art it passionately represents. 

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For scrumptious updates and to savor a sneak peek into Chef Juanma’s world, follow @juanmaelcielo on social media. Immerse yourself in this sumptuous affair where food meets art, and experience El Cielo in its true culinary brilliance.

Written in partnership with Tom White.