Claudia Duran currently serves as the Regional and Managing Director of Endeavor Miami. She has dedicated her career to versatility and entrepreneurial growth, with her impactful leadership being a key driver in Endeavor Miami’s success.  Duran has substantially enhanced the lives of high-growth entrepreneurs in Miami and beyond. 

Starting her career with SABMiller in El Salvador, Duran gained valuable experience and later broadened her horizons at Taca International Airlines, now part of AVIANCA. Duran’s strategic planning has been a significant aspect in the launch of VOLARIS in Mexico, showcasing her ability to lead complex projects throughout the Americas. Duran’s skills and knowledge in global business management have been further enhanced by her proficiency in multiple languages, which helps her connect with stakeholders from different nationalities. She also holds finance degrees from prestigious institutions like Penn State University.

Duran’s transition from the corporate industry to the non-profit field has been pivotal in her career. She found a meaningful niche with Ashoka in Brazil, where she supported social entrepreneurs, creating a community of innovative leaders and inspiring significant change. This role set the stage for her future endeavors as she combined her business expertise with a passion for social impact.

Since 2019, Endeavor Miami has reached new heights thanks to the help of Duran. With her leadership, the organization’s entrepreneurs generated over $900 million in revenues in 2023 with over 6,000 employees. Endeavor Miami currently supports 35 companies and 60 high-impact entrepreneurs. 

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As Endeavor Miami celebrates its 10th Anniversary, Mayor Daniella Levine Cava highlighted the organization’s impact over the past decade, stating, “Endeavor Miami’s indelible footprint has helped to reshape our tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem.” She added, “With partners like Endeavor Miami, the future of tech in Miami-Dade is bright.” Indeed, Endeavor Miami has created a vibrant space where innovators and dreamers converge, significantly enhancing the local community. 

Duran’s leadership is driven by her unwavering belief in the transformative power of high-impact entrepreneurship in driving economic growth. She champions accessibility and transparency, ensuring entrepreneurs receive the necessary support to scale their businesses. Her holistic approach extends beyond business, as she passionately advocates for mental health, recognizing its critical role in entrepreneurial success. 

Reflecting on the importance of mental health, Duran emphasizes self-love and the acknowledgment of the inner critic. It is her persistent voice that undermines confidence. She has been an active advocate at various gatherings, including eMerge Americas, where she shared insights on self-care for entrepreneurs. Duran also supports the sentiments of Florida’s State Speaker of the House, Danny Perez, who stated, “Mental health, unfortunately, is one of the most important issues that we have before us as a community today here in Miami but really across the state of Florida.” 

Under her leadership, Endeavor Miami has integrated mental health support into its initiatives, such as wellness retreats, open discussions, and access to life coaches. These efforts ensure that entrepreneurs maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, which is crucial for sustained growth in their personal and professional lives. 

Guided by the entrepreneurial spirit inherited from her parents, Duran is leveraging business as a force to spread positivity. Her diverse experiences have enriched her perspective, making her a valuable leader in the entrepreneurial world. Under her guidance, Endeavor Miami has built a robust community of high-impact entrepreneurs transforming economies by introducing lasting change. 

Duran believes in the power of entrepreneurship as a driving force for progress and innovation. Her commitment to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem has empowered countless entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams with hope, hard work, and the invaluable support Endeavor Miami offers.