In Miami, Dr. Joshua Lampert, known for his expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery, is setting aside a day in May to perform surgeries at no cost. This generous act is a tribute to his late mother, carried out through his charity, A.L.L. For Moms, which he established in her memory. 

The special day of charitable surgery, dubbed A.L.L. For Moms Charitable Surgery Day, is scheduled for May 21, 2024, coinciding with what would have been Dr. Lampert’s mother’s birthday. Named in honor of Adele Lynn Lampert, the charity embodies her initials in its name. On this day, mothers lacking insurance or with insufficient coverage will have the opportunity to receive essential plastic and reconstructive surgeries, all thanks to Dr. Lampert’s dedication and his heartfelt mission.

“Examples of medically necessary medical reconstructive plastic surgery include breast cancer reconstruction, any acquired deformity, scar revision, c-section scars that need to be revised, burn scar reconstruction, the requirements are basically that it’s a medically necessary surgery,” explained Dr. Lampert.

Prospective patients will need to apply by April 21 to be considered for the program. The candidates need to be mothers, demonstrate financial need, and submit photos or videos of the area of concern. Dr. Lampert was motivated to help mothers in need while witnessing his own mother battle cancer. 

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“My mom had a very rare cancer that she battled for over 12 years and one of the last designs she did as a successful interior designer was my medical facility,” said Dr. Lampert.

This dedication to keeping his mother’s legacy alive and celebrating their relationship extends past his work with A.L.L. For Mothers. Dr. Lampert is well-known for the personal bond he makes with patients and his interest in improving the Miami community. 

He said, “I think the reward we get from giving back far surpasses the efforts we put forth and in reality, this is why we all went to medical school in the beginning. It’s why we became plastic surgeons in the beginning, to be a pillar in the community, to give back to the community. It’s something that’s very refreshing to do and gives us all great spirits.”

Samanta Gomez, Dr. Lampert’s office manager, reinforced this point, commenting, “He does care for his patients on a different level in my opinion. I’ve worked for different doctors and I can tell you that the level of care and the level of passion that he offers to his patients and his staff is one of a kind.” Dr. Lampert has become a mentor to Gomez as well and extends his compassionate attitude to every patient who passes through the practice.

A.L.L. For Moms became even more dear to Dr. Lampert when he became a father. He is honoring his wife and her role as a mother to their two-and-a-half-year-old son when he helps mothers with their medical needs. He sees first-hand how much work and love goes into being a mother every day. His wife’s dedication to motherhood motivates his charity work all the more. 

You can learn more about the A.L.L. For Moms Charitable Surgery Day and apply at